How To Apply For BCWW Services

Newly arrived immigrants to Hawaii who wish to avail of Free or low cost Medical & Dental Services may apply for eligibility at:

Lanakila Easy Access Program (LEAP)
Suite 1104
Lanakila Health Center
1700 Lanakila Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96817-2155
Phone: (808) 832-5685
Fax: (909) 832-5684

This office is managed by Bilingual Health Service of Hawaii State Department of Health.

Ideally, this should be done right after securing TB clearance, the office of which is at the basement of the same building. After the interview, an applicant who is eligible for BCWW services, is given a Referral Slip. This slip is to be presented to the clinic receptionist of the BCWW health or dental provider.

Available Services?

  • Primary healthcare
  • Physical examination
  • Diagnosis and treatment of conditions for childredn and adults
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Breast examination
  • Osteoporosis screening
  • Colo-Rectal/Prostate examination
  • Hernia screening
  • Ophthalmology (conditions of the eyes)
  • Dental emergencies
  • Laboratory services (selected and limited)
  • Counseling Services

Participating Providers?

  • General Practice

    Russel Tacata, MD

    Gavino Vinzons, MD

  • Internal Medicine

    Hazel Abinsay, MD

    Godofredo Baclig, MD

    Erlinda Cachola, MD

    Fortunato Elizaga, MD

    Sorbella Guillermo, MD

    Corazon Hobbs, MD

    Nicanor Joaquin, MD

    Glenda Malana, MD

    Aurora Mariani, MD

    Magdy Mettias, MD

    Richard Ridao, MD

    Charlie Sonido, MD

    Josephine Waite, MD

    Russell Kelly, MD

  • Family Medicine

    Carolina Davide, MD

    Leovigildo Ramirez, MD

  • Cardiology

    Danelo Canete, MD

  • Dentistry

    Maria P. Adora, DDS

    Young Sok Do, DDS

    Roland Ylarde, DDS

  • Ear, Nose, Throat

    Christopher Regala, MD

    Ramon Sy, MD

  • Geriatrics

    Glenda Malana, MD

  • Mammography

    Beth Rhodes, MD

  • Neurology

    Ray Romero, MD

  • Obstetrics/Gynecology

    Elenita Alvarez, MD

    Emma Avilla, MD

    Redentor Rojales, MD

  • Oncology

    Michael Castro, MD

  • Ophthalmology

    Margaret Cheung, MD

    Nancy Chen, MD

    Pierre Pang, MD

    Christopher Tortora, MD

  • Orthopedic Surgery

    Antonio Cordero, MD

  • Pain/Anesthesia

    Jerald Garcia, MD

  • Pediatric Cardiology

    Venu Reddy, MD

  • Pediatrics

    Elizabeth Abinsay, MD

    Hazel Abinsay, MD

    Araceli Asuncion, MD

    Edgar Dela Cruz, MD

    Gary De La Cruz, MD

    Sorbella Guillermo, MD

    Amelia Jacang, MD

    Perlita Lampitoc, MD

    Benilda Luz-Llena, MD

    Flora Medina-Manuel, MD

    Danilo Perlas, MD

    Naro Torres, MD

  • Physical Therapy

    Jay Flores, DPT

  • Psychiarty

    Margaret Cheung, MD

    Glorifin Belmonte, MD

  • Psychology

    Jay Valdez, PhD

  • Radiology

    Romeo Pineda, MD

  • Surgery

    Patricia Chinn, MD

    Jose Madamba , MD

    Ross Simafranca, MD

"Bayanihan, the process of pulling together and helping someone in need. In Hawaii it translates as the spirit of Aloha."